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This is intended to be a Calvin & Hobbes inspired comic strip that takes a comical (and slightly exaggerated) look at gay issues through the eyes of smarter-than-they-should-be kids. The intent is for the strip to be a tongue in cheek look at all kinds of life issues, not just gay ones, that kids face growing up in the world but the three central kids will be gay. At the time of this post the kids are meant to be growing up somewhere in a Midwestern suburb, be witty beyond their years and not meant to be nearly as offensive as South Park (PG or PG-13 is as bad as I want to go). Hope to bring in a new black and white strip each week...and (if I can) a full color large one at the beginning of each month...right now I am character designing and writing...wish me luck!

Note: I want the posts to display oldest to newest as the strips will sometimes have continuity and its better to read older ones first - in order to do that - I have to manually change the dates of the posts so they display how I want them - at least - that's what I found - so don't pay attention to the post dates - if someone knows a better way - please let me know - thanks! I'll put the real post date someplace...

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  1. This is the cutest and most fun comic I've seen in years.

  2. This is great!
    Have you stopped?
    I'd really like to read more of your comics!

    wish you the best, kisses

  3. hey just wondering what the lgbt community thinks of this blog post about a gay mormon